Z-ONA4LIFE Sets Sail: Pioneering a Sustainable Future

Factsheet and Post-KOM

The Z-ONA4LIFE project, operating under the LIFE programme framework, embarked on its groundbreaking journey on 1st September 2023. The official launch event in Madrid marked a significant milestone, with the full consortium in attendance. This gathering laid the foundation for project activities, fostering knowledge exchange and in-depth discussions on upcoming tasks and priorities. It serves as the launch pad for our ambitious 48-month mission to revolutionise waste management practices and bring Z-ONA4LIFE's vision to fruition.

Z-ONA4LIFE's Sustainable Ecosystem

Z-ONA4LIFE's commitment to supporting the European LIFE program's mission for environmental sustainability and resource efficiency encompasses advanced research, collaborative partnerships, data-driven accountability, policy advocacy, knowledge dissemination, circular design promotion, green finance exploration, and a relentless focus on resource efficiency. In addition, our approach fosters innovation, promotes eco-friendly practices, advocates for policy reform, shares best practices, and engages stakeholders in sustainability initiatives.

Revolutionising the Circular Economy in the Aluminum Industry

Z-ONA4LIFE heralds a transformative era in waste management, bolstering sustainability and resource efficiency

At its core, the project aims to pioneer a near-zero waste process within the Circular Economy framework. This endeavour involves valorising waste streams through by-product recovery and process water recycling. Furthermore, the consortium is  harnessing zeolites obtained from this process to purify gas streams and treat various wastewater streams, including leachates, permeates, livestock, and mining effluents.

The Z-ONA4LIFE consortium is made of 6 highly competent partners in the field of innovation and circular economy. Each of them is going to play a pivotal role:

  • CSIC through the MEDES group of the Institute of Construction Science “Eduardo Torroja” (IETcc-CSIC) as coordinator of the project, leads the consortium and provides scientific expertise and knowledge, essential to achieve the project’s objectives.
  • ALUSIGMA contributes to the Z-ONA4LIFE project with its knowledge of the behaviour of salt slag, processing needs, storage, and hosts the pilot plant for the synthesis of zeolites from its salt slag.
  • INDEREN provides its knowledge and experience for the construction of the Z-ONA zeolite pilot manufacturing plant and the design and installation of a demonstration plant for the use of zeolites in the purification of effluents.
  • FERROSADIM is responsible for the operation and control of the activities to be carried out in the zeolite synthesis pilot plant.
  • COGERSA leads the activities related to the application of zeolites in wastewater and gas purification.
  • COMMpla carries out the digital and technological activities related to the dissemination and communication of the project results.
  • Trust-IT Services leads the international market analysis, business modelling and exploitation scheduling.

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Join us in our journey to reshape the future of waste management and sustainability. Together, we're paving the way for a greener, more circular world.

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