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Z-ONA4LIFE Logos and Brand Guideline

Here you can find the complete and comprehensive collection of all the project logo versions.

Z-ONA4LIFE brand guidelines are also offered, defining rules and standards to use when sharing the Z-ONA4LIFE brand.

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ZONA4LIFE_Logo_colour_1.png (308.5 KB) 308.5 KB
ZONA4LIFE_Logo_black_1.png (182.67 KB) 182.67 KB
ZONA4LIFE_Logo_white_1.png (191.38 KB) 191.38 KB
ZONA4LIFE_Logo_sqr colour_1.png (294.69 KB) 294.69 KB
ZONA4LIFE_Logo_sqr black_1.png (193.93 KB) 193.93 KB
ZONA4LIFE_Logo_sqr white_1.png (200.49 KB) 200.49 KB
Brand Guidelines_Sep 2023.pdf (10.89 MB) 10.89 MB