What we do

Z-ONA4LIFE is on a mission to showcase that the synthesis of Z-ONA zeolite is not just a technical and economic triumph but a transformative solution for optimising the use of aluminium salt slag and Si-rich wastes. Our primary objective is to elevate the circularity of aluminium foundries through groundbreaking pilot-scale production that not only repurposes these wastes but also pioneers a near-zero-waste process.

Our commitment extends beyond waste valorisation; we are dedicated to recovering valuable by-products and recycling process water to minimise environmental impact. The project's ambition doesn't stop there—our vision is to integrate Z-ONA zeolite into diverse applications. ALUSIGMA, a significant contributor of salt slag, will exemplify how Z-ONA zeolite can purify its gas stream, creating a circular economy loop where the waste generator benefits from the added value of the product.

Expanding our horizons, we're venturing into new markets. External companies will test Z-ONA zeolite for treating diverse wastewater streams like leachates, permeates, livestock effluents, mining effluents, and gas streams like biogas and syngas. The project's specific objectives are finely tuned to achieving these milestones and substantially contributing to circular economy practices.

Offer: Z-ONA4LIFE presents a game-changing solution—pilot-scale production of synthetic Z-ONA zeolite. Our proven technology transforms aluminium salt slag and Si-rich wastes into valuable products, promoting circularity in foundries. With an emphasis on near-zero-waste processes, we lead the way in environmental sustainability. ALUSIGMA's use of Z-ONA zeolite for gas stream purification demonstrates circularity in action. External companies can explore diverse applications, making our offering a catalyst for sustainable waste management and circular economy practices.


  • Pilot-Scale Demonstration: Successfully demonstrating the pilot-scale production of synthetic Z-ONA zeolite, proving its technical and economic viability.
  • Circular Economy Impact: Enhancing circularity in aluminium foundries through the feasible valorization of aluminium salt slag and Si-rich wastes.
  • Near-Zero-Waste Process: Developing and validating a near-zero-waste process, valorizing the waste stream by recovering by-products and recycling process water.
  • Widest Application of Z-ONA Zeolite: Promoting the broadest applications for Z-ONA zeolite, with a focus on gas stream purification in collaboration with ALUSIGMA.
  • Market Expansion: Exploring new markets as external companies test Z-ONA zeolite for diverse applications, including wastewater and gas stream treatments.
  • Environmental Contribution: Reducing environmental impact through sustainable waste management practices, contributing to circular economy principles.

Z-ONA4LIFE's Promise: Z-ONA4LIFE's impact extends far and wide:

  • Technical and Social: Aligning with the Circular Economy Action Plan, encouraging best practices, and raising awareness among EU citizens about the environmental and socio-economic benefits of Z-ONA4LIFE's solution for resource recovery from industrial waste.
  • Environmental: Enhancing waste management, promoting resource reduction, reducing emissions of pollutants into the air, and safeguarding soil quality.

With Z-ONA4LIFE, the EU takes a bold step towards a more sustainable and circular future for the aluminium industry, setting a precedent for global environmental stewardship.

📄 Download the Z-ONA4LIFE Factsheet to delve deeper into our mission.