Z-ONA4LIFE redefines aluminium foundries and circular practices

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The Z-ONA4LIFE project has been launched. The Aluminium Foundries Circularity via Holistic Zeolite Production for Effluents Depuration, funded by the European Union's LIFE Programme, aims to demonstrate on a pilot scale that synthetic zeolite production is a technically and economically viable technology for the valorisation of aluminium salt slags and silicon-rich waste. The project also aims to develop a near-zero waste process, in which the waste stream generated will be valorised by recovering by-products and recycling process water. Finally, within the framework of the Circular Economy, the zeolites obtained will be applied for the purification of gas streams and for the purification of wastewater streams such as leachates, permeates, livestock and mining effluents.

The CSIC, through the MEDES group of the Institute of Construction Science “Eduardo Torroja” (IETcc-CSIC) as coordinator of the project, will lead the consortium in which the following partners participate: ALUSIGMA S.A., contributing to the Z-ONA4LIFE project with its knowledge of the behaviour of salt slag, processing needs, storage, etc., and will host the pilot plant for the synthesis of zeolites from its salt slag; INGENIERIA Y DESAROLLOS RENOVABLES, S.L., providing its knowledge and experience for the construction of the Z-ONA zeolite pilot manufacturing plant and for the design and installation of a demonstration plant for the use of zeolites in the purification of effluents; FERROSADIM S.L., being responsible for the operation and control of the activities to be carried out in the zeolite synthesis pilot plant; COGERSA S.A.U., leading the activities related to the application of zeolites in wastewater and gas purification; COMMPla srl., carrying out the digital and technological activities related to the dissemination and communication of the project results; and, TRUST-IT srl., leading the international market analysis, business modelling and exploitation scheduling.

In brief, The Z-ONA4LIFE project is based on a circular model, in which waste generated by an industrial sector is transformed into value-added materials, which are in turn used to solve environmental problems in the same or other industrial sectors.

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