Exploring Z-ONA4LIFE: A Deep Dive into the Interview Series

Exploring Z-ONA4LIFE: A Deep Dive into the Interview Series

Conversations on Aluminium Circular Solutions

Z-ONA4LIFE has recently released a series of video interviews featuring its consortium partners — CSIC, ALUSIGMA, INDEREN, FERROSADIM, COGERSA, COMMpla, and Trust-IT Services. These interviews delve into key questions and themes surrounding the development and implementation of efficient management and repurposing of aluminium salt slag, embodying a holistic approach to environmental recovery. The clips showcase Z-ONA4LIFE's overarching objective, the advantages for the research community and the public, and the pivotal role played by scientific institutions in the entire process.

Z-ONA4LIFE signifies the commencement of a groundbreaking era in waste management, contributing to the circularity of the secondary aluminium industry. It achieves this by converting one of its primary wastes, salt slag, into value-added materials like zeolites.


Z-ONA4LIFE: What You Need To Know?

  • Valorising slag and other aluminium wastes

Interview with Aurora López-Delgado, Z-ONA4LIFE Coordinator, CSIC

  • Why is state-of-the-art analysis important for Z-ONA4LIFE?

Interview with Maximina Romer, CSIC

  • Optimising Salt Slag to Zeolite from Lab to Pilot

Interview with Manuel Revuelta Bayod, FERROSADIM

  • Management solutions for aluminium waste

Interview with Alvaro Orbea Jentoft, FERROSADIM

  • How can zeolites adsorbe wastewater thanks to Z-ONA4LIFE?

Interview with José Manuel González, COGERSA

  • Revolutionising Wastewater, Gas Treatment & Beyond in Z-ONA4LIFE

Interview with Laura Megido, COGERSA

  • Delivering a Holistic Approach for Circular Aluminum Solutions

Interview with Julie Abergas-Arteza, Trust-IT/COMMpla

  • The Z-ONA4LIFE pilot plant's impact

Interview with Teresa Miñambres, ALUSIGMA

  • What is the long-term sustainability strategy for Z-ONA4LIFE

Interview with Rita Giuffrida, Trust-IT/COMMpla

  • Pilot Plants: Demonstrating Industrial Viability

Interview with Ricardo Romaguera, INDEREN

  • Utilisation of Z-ONA zeolites to establish a recycling process

Interview with Rafael Hervás Aguado, INDEREN